I’m the Vision Board Facilitator you need!

If you’re in the Central Florida area and hosting a Vision Board Party, let me guide you & your crew (male & female) to new heights with my results- driven, dream manifesting strategy and proven tracking & monitoring system!

I’ll teach you how to envision and create the life you want in 2024 and beyond.

Secure your date TODAY! Host must provide Board Supplies & materials.


Here’s your opportunity…Yes girl, Take the Lead!

Calling all aspiring, emerging and even skilled leading ladies! 

Managers, Coordinators, Directors, Executive Directors or anywhere in between….you’ll find gems & strategies to leverage your leadership and expand your reach to become the leader you desire to be.  We’re NOT asking for permission…we are TAKING THE LEAD!

Yes Girl, Take the Lead!

Professional Development for Minority Women

It’s 2024…and we are not asking for permission to lead! Together, we are creating sustainable solutions for others to thrive!

The Yes Girl, Take the Lead sessions will leave you engulfed in leadership development content designed to elevate your quality and capacity to lead people and enhance the systems that impact them, all while generating results NOW!


Schedule a day of personal & professional development for YOU or MEMBERS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.

What’s better than opportunities to grow your circle while connecting with people who share your passion for leadership and life.

Invite me to share powerful and impactful experiences designed to help participants explore new leadership competencies, enhance their leadership lens and, develop their capacity to lead others. Sessions can be formatted for Onsite or Virtual, Half or Full Days.

Why This…Why Now?

You’ve spent years learning and  perfecting your craft.  Suddenly, the stakes are higher with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and  Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

The days of micromanaging are out the window…we need teams of people who can self -organize to get results.  You may even find yourself leading people who come from very different walks of life. 

How do you appeal to everyone and what leadership style is most effective?


The time has come for you to strengthen your capacity to develop 


Let us help you develop the leader in you who drives for results.

Target Audience:

Session Descriptions

Expect high level engagement in each power packed session designed to leave you with ‘ready to implement’ strategies and knowledge aimed to position you to “Become a Leader of Leaders”.

You’re in for a treat! Prepare to spend your day energized, motivated and ready to soar!

Establishing Your Vision

Expose participants to the importance of charting a path and knowing what it takes to lead others to a common goal. Understanding the importance of determining the right focus, establishing a vision, and getting others to follow.

Skill/Will …Developing & Deciding

After developing and charting your vision, this session exposes you to the process of determining who the right people are for the mission ahead. It exposes the two forms of change and how essential these are in determining how to use the skill will matrix to make decisions about the strengths and varying skills sets people bring and how to effectively position those individuals.

Determining Your Leadership Style

Your leadership style as well as the styles of those around you can have a major impact on how things get done as well as the effectiveness of the results. This session will help you pinpoint your individual style and explore the various leadership styles as you underscore a personal need to develop sophisticated ways to envelop the characteristics of various styles into your practice and in accordance to the needs of the organization you serve.

Confidence to Communicate

Communication is an essential component of any company. It can be rather daunting to effectively bring together people who are desirous of moving a mission forward yet, experience the lack of cohesiveness needed to be effective. This session teaches the fundamentals of positioning people to use critical thinking skills and incorporate agility in performing meaningful tasks to effectively communicate and actualize a vision that is influential and impactful for all involved.

Leading & Facilitating Meetings

Leverage the skills and strengths of team members using focused agendas designed to assist you in developing a purpose and product to your sessions. You will also be exposed to agile facilitation to help focus your teams’ efforts and maximize results and company outcomes.

Establishing Company Culture

The culture and climate of an organization can make or break its overall effectiveness and contribute to retention of its members. This session will guide you in the development of a systemic plan to create or enhance an environment that drives on employee satisfaction, growth and development.

Determining Root Cause Analysis

Participants will engage in the use of protocols designed to expose and remedy the root cause of current organizational symptoms and learn to implement agile facilitation to monitor and measure solutions.

Soaring Through Change

Getting to know the people within your organization is the conduit to ensuring success. It is increasing important to leverage the skills to establish the Right Culture. (You get the culture you create)

Giving Actionable Feedback: No Sandwiches, please!

This session will give you to tools to inculcate techniques to give actionable feedback into your daily practice. We will also give a criteria and foundation to support leaders in establishing the key components to giving effective feedback that challenges and grows the person receiving it.

These sessions will propel you to PUSH PAST THE WALLS & GET PEOPLE MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION as we share tips, tools & practical strategies on:

Connect with us and develop your ability to make those around you better!

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Opportunity for up to 50 people!

All participants receive the new release of Becoming a Leader of Leaders eBOOK

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Leaders of Leaders
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Kim S. Harris
Life & Leadership Coach
People Builder
President & CEO

About me

About Me

I am a Builder of People, a Leadership Strategist, a Leader of Leaders and Lover of Mac & Cheese!

I’ve spent the last 20+ years using my voice in authentic ways, building leadership skills in others through my service as a Classroom Teacher, Principal, Staff Developer, Conference Speaker, and Leader Coach.

I have zeroed in on my social mission to impact the people who impact the world. Through my many roles, I’ve learned the importance of building leadership presence in others and now, I bring many years of experience, coupled with a multiplicity of strategies, to you.

Personal and Professional Development

Are you bearing all of the weight on your shoulders? Have you considered taking the time to build capacity so that others under your tutelage will take initiative and lead? With the support of LEADERS OF LEADERS, you become focused on developing the impact & influence needed to grow future leaders & scale your organization.

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I know we haven't had much time to work together but I wanted you to know that whenever I have the opportunity, I learn so much from you. I don't only learn about the topic you are presenting but I learn so much about delivery. Your tone and rhythm are calming, and your excitement is infectious. Thank you so much for what you do and bring to our company. I very much admire you.
- A Secor
Thank you for all you taught me during our work together. You are incredible!!!
- C. Fogg

Becoming a Leader of Leaders Ebook

Are you a leader? Do you look and sound like a leader? Act like a leader? What does that even mean? Join Kim Harris as she guides you through her personal journey to impact the people who impact the world by developing and equipping its leaders. With a conversational tone and humorous self-reflection, Kim shares her experiences as she endeavors to equip others (well, that would be YOU) with the skills and strategies that leaders inherently need. Skills and strategies that have guided her for over 22 years as a coach of leaders.
In Becoming a Leader of Leaders Kim draws on her experience and personal mantra that guides her thoughts, conversations, actions, and reactions to others for whom she is coaching to become impactful and actionable leaders: “If we always tell people what to do, we will always have to tell people what to do.” Through shared experiences and anecdotal wonderings, Kim identifies the ways in which you can chart your course and harness your capacity to be a better leader.
Becoming a Leader of Leaders will guide you through, at the very least, an 8-step system for generating solutions driven results through coaching. Not only will Kim coach YOU UP as a leader; but she will provide you with actionable steps to take to build up your own team of leaders. Grab a cup of coffee, an open mind, a willingness to laugh and appreciate the intricacies of leadership qualities (and challenges) and get ready to learn how to “Give the People What They Need.”